Cow Heads

Genesis Farm Country Road Genesis Farm is a small market and educational farm designed to grow a variety of seasonal food and flowers and to care for domestic animals in a way that is natural and safe to the land. There is abundant wildlife that visits the pond and pastures, and many barnyard animals call the farm home.

Our educational outreach offers a variety of different ways to experience the rewards and challenges of operating a small sustainable farm. Foremost is the use of farming methods that teach respect for life and Nature and an understanding of healthy, nutritious food that tastes great.

We are proud to be the host farm for the charitable nonprofit, NC Women of the Land Agricultural Foundation and its educational programs for new and beginning women farmers, women of agriculture and adolescent girls. Please visit our website:

We have many opportunities for learning about small-scale farm life either those who have on-farm experience and/or who just want to get their knees dirty for a few hours each week -- being outside, contributing to the notion of growing healthy food; sharing the challenges and the bounty of farming and having a good time are all rewards in themselves.

For those seeking more hands-on experience and further knowledge, we have an incredible intern and volunteer program. We welcome all who have a love of the land, growing things, caring for animals and a whimsical sense of humor.

If you would like to join us on the farm at any time of the year, please contact us at