GoFARM! -- Girls on the Farm!

Girls on the Farm

Adolescent girls (10-13 yrs old) come to the farm Monday - Friday afternoons to learn all manner of small farm life and sustainable agriculture: plant, harvest and sell crops off the farm; understand the behavior of and care for farm animals; develop skills for building and repairing stuff; learn about the wild creatures that call the farm home; discover yourself through your own special place on the farm and make connections between healthy food and healthy bodies.

Our objectives:
Be productive! Be creative! Have fun! And by all means – Get your knees dirty!

The primary activities for GoFARM!

  1. Learn to grow, harvest, cook and market healthy food from the land.
  2. Understand and care for the animals who are the heart and soul of the farm.
  3. Develop a keen appreciation and respect for Nature.
  4. Learn new skills and feel accomplished.
  5. Discover unique talents and skills through art and Nature.
  6. Understand the connection between fresh food, healthy bodies and nutrition.

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