NC Women of the Land Agricultural Network

To address the needs and interests of female farmers, the Genesis Farm Educational Foundation launched The North Carolina Women of the Land Agricultural Network (NC WOLAN), a regional network whose primary aim is to support and increase the number of women who own and operate profitable farms and farm-related businesses. A multi-year project that invites female farmers from central North Carolina to come together, NC WOLAN offers a variety of outreach tools (farm visits, interactive website, surveys, gatherings, workshops and classes) to share knowledge and learn from others how to care for their land, create opportunities for networking, and increase the prosperity of their agricultural ventures. The goals of the organization strive to accomplish this mission.

Goals of NC WOLAN

  1. Enhance and strengthen the farm business and methods of production.
  2. Serve established female farmers and create programs to for new farmers.
  3. Sponsor educational events, seminars, on-farm workshops and field trips.
  4. Assist women farmers in building equity for future farm ownership.
  5. Provide regional leadership in research on female farmers.
  6. Be the regional voice and place for women in agriculture.
  7. Open The Farm School for Women -- a farm training program.

Please visit our website to learn about our programs, including our Farm School for Women. We welcome volunteers and your support. Please visit or find us on Facebook:

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