The Farm School for Women

The Farm School for Women, an on-farm field school training program for female farmers is offered to women (22 and older) interested in small scale farming and sustainable agriculture. It is an intensive training program in alternative, artisanal, agriculture that combines the art and skill of small scale farming. The seven-month program integrates a structured curriculum (ten hours of seminars, workshops, field trips and independent projects) with twenty or more hours of field work, ranging from growing crops to caring for domestic animals to homesteading. Students will be responsible for the gardens and the development of a small CSA and direct sales from an on-market farm. They will also conduct independent projects and work with established farmers, many of them niche farmers, on specific topics. The program is designed for total immersion on the farm so that students "live" the farm life and realize the challenges, failures and rewards in the day to day operation. Graduates should be able to start their own farm business or find a career in sustainable agriculture. Admission is by application only with a tuition charge.

The Farm School for Women incorporates the goals and objectives of NC WOLAN. We also encourage established female farmers to mentor a student throughout the session and demonstrate her own personal stamp of farming. All seminars, workshops and field trips offered during The Farm School for Women are also open to members of NC WOLAN. During the school session there will be occasional “gatherings,” designed to bring agricultural women together for a day of sharing experiences and expertise and building new relationships.

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